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 Surveying/setting out

Surveying/setting out

We are a professional commercial construction company that is ready to help you with your next
project. Utilizing our expert team, we will ensure you have the most successful outcome.
We offer a wide range of Surveying and Setting out Services for construction sites in order to reduce
your downtime. Work only begins once the survey is complete. This saves you time, money, and
We'll work closely with you from the planning stage – developing functional layouts that meet all your
requirements. Our experienced engineers will ensure the site is suitable for construction – providing
detailed surveys and reports of any potential issues upfront, so you can make informed decisions
about future project costs and ensure schedules are realistic.
So, what is Surveying/Setting out?
Surveying is the process of measuring and mapping physical space to find out the extent of land or
property someone owns.
As the name suggests, setting out is basically marking the plan of the construction building according
to the construction drawings. This is done using surveying tools like Total Stations, AutoCAD, Topcon,
and other leveling tools.
We understand that this might not be a task for people who aren’t familiar with them. But what’s the
worry for? We have experienced engineers and trained staff who are experts in using these tools
Why choose us
● We Keep Projects Moving
Our team of professionals is committed to completing projects on time with minimal disruption to the
community and the environment.
● Expertise you can count on
With us, you don't have to worry about hiring inexperienced workers and dealing with the mistakes
they inevitably make. We have years of experience, and we know what we're doing.
● We're here for you 24/7
Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you have about our services or help with any
needs you may have. Just leave us a message and we will get back to you at the earliest.